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Have you been hurt on the job? Has your workers’ compensation claim been denied? Have you been involved in an automobile accident? Attorney William J. Doherty can help you.

We’ve helped injured people get
the money they deserve! 


At  William J. Doherty, Esq., P.C. we understand that an unexpected injury can be a devastating experience. Besides the pain from the injury, your medical bills can add up quickly, and if your workers’ compensation or motor vehicle accident claim has been denied, you may not have any income to support yourself. The sooner you come to us for help after the accident or injury, the better we can assist you.

Attorney Doherty has 23 years of trial experience. His office knows how to get you the benefits and compensation you deserve for injuries received on the job or other accidents. We understand how insurance companies operate, as Attorney Doherty has represented insurance companies and large self-insured corporations. We have represented hundreds of injured people and have obtained millions of dollars in settlements. We  fight for our client's rights either in  Court or at the Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents.

If you were injured at work or by negligence, call Attorney William Doherty to get the money you deserve.


Workers’ Compensation, Automobile Accidents, Personal Injury , Death and Serious Injuries 


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